GDPR – Take Note Of New Regulations For EU eCommerce

GDPR is no longer optional.   Read the GDPR Wiki Here, but see the abbreviated version below 🙂

If you are doing eCommerce of any kind with the EU and abroad, it will be necessary for all publishers, e-stores and the like to implement GDPR language on-location.

Here’s a quick and easy breakdown of GDPR and what it means for the marketer.

Compliance is king.  Stay ahead of compliance and make sure you harness your brand power through the same effort.

All of Director Digital’s clientele are always on the cutting-edge of Compliance, as are we.   We’re also proud of the brands we represent as we carry them forward, together!


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As you probably already know, Director Digital has been navigating the Advertising, Creative and Technology sectors (and beyond) for years.

Digital Campaigns, including Social Media campaigns are quite the crux of any successful initiative and we’ve been pairing our Clients recently with our TV/Radio/Print channels in-tandem, where it makes sense!

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Happy 2018 From Director Digital – Digital Media In 2018

“Happy 2018!” from your friends at Director Digital.

In 2018, we’d like to give you a simple checklist of what we believe are some of the larger-ticket items to keep in mind when making your Digital program / build / endeavor a success this year.

  1. Set Goals
  2. Explore Social Media As A Marketing Tool.
  3. When Building An App in 2018, It Had Better Be Cross-Platform 🙂
  4. Base Your Marketing Actions Off Of Data, Not Assumption!  

The world is changing at an incredible pace and Director Digital is proud to remain dilligently on the cutting-edge of all things marketing, engineering,  sales/customer generation and branding.

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