In today’s climate, there are Ads and then there are true ‘Creative Calls-To-Action’.

Using the IAB as a reference, one can get a great idea for the types of ad units available in:

  • Display
  • Video-Centric Advertising, including ‘roll’ techniques
  • Native Mobile
  • Content Markting
  • Innovative push down units

Director Digital has always been at the forefront of ad-serving, advertising operations (adOps) as well as the physical rendering of innovative ad units that are widely-used today, across the entire world of advertising (yes; we believe in Open Source when it counts!).

Other innovative ad units that push the limit of what’s possible include those that can:

  1. Modify the experience of the site the advertisement is ‘living on’
  2. Brand ‘Site Take-Overs’
  3. Push-down trailers
  4. Other multiple-unit, synchronized ad units for ‘Brand Takeover’
  5. Innovative, non-boring advertorials that allow for brands and publishers to create a tight
  6. ecosystem of highly-engaged end-users.

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The Director Digital Team