Simply Put, the world has changed at incredible speeds, especially in the niche Internet Marketing Sub-Sector of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).   Engagement matters way-more than anything else in the space.   Ranking without reaction means nothing, always!

I was completely inspired to write this article based-upon a recent fantastic interaction with our Client regarding SEO but also this article about just how important engagement is, or, rather, synonymous, with Search Engine Optimization.   Sure there are a lot of ways to climb the ranks, but in the end Engagement Is King.

Understanding why Engagement Is King is not that hard to do.   Implementing it is.

Depending on your platform(s), Content-Management-System (CMS) like WordPress or other systems included, content volume to traffic / quality traffic (engaged traffic) will always win.


FOCUS ON ENGAGEMENT!   Also have a Great Day 🙂