In business, I’ve always found that it’s always best to take the ‘smarter’ approach to technological systems to protocols, all the way to the simplest or seemingly, most complex of procedures.

There are lots of ‘harder’ approaches that may seem to yield a ‘better’ product or result more quickly than, say, another platform that could deliver a better product with slightly more time but yielding the benefit of low-overhead and maintenance.

Some quick advice coming from one business owner to (probably another!):

+ Always put your team first, no matter how small or large.

+ Never be short-sighted, but never be overly-broad either.   A harmonious mixture of the two, in-practice, can yield some amazing results.

+ As your team grows, it’s important to always recognize the individual.   The individual becomes no less important when there are more individuals.   Simply put, you must be able to scale your team with your ability to properly treat everyone to the same, ‘easier-not-harder’ approach and scale your ability to recognize the individual, in tandem.

+ The world is much bigger than it can seem in the most unsettling or settling of times.   Help show your team how big the world is in a constructive way, always.    If that is built into your business model, even better.

+ Being able to offer a consistent product isn’t optional.   It’s a pre-requisite to success.   If you are selling digital or store-purchased goods, consistency of quality isn’t an option for the consumer.   Why would it be with leads, mobile applications or web-site builds?

Here at Director Digital, all of our clients & members receive:

+ Scientifically faster approaches to product & project management.

+ Proven deliverables that utilize best-practice approaches in our ‘bat-belts’, acquired from years and years of experience.

+ Measurably more cost-effective solutions.   From cross-platform app development all the way to exclusive lead generation; consistent quality is unquestionable.

+ Wholesale pricing for all verticals on the lead-generation side of the house.

+  NO media fees are charged to our clients for media buys atop the direct-cost.   This is a very important part of the ability for our clients to predict and rely on outcomes & initiatives.


Welcome back again to those of you who attended Affiliate Summit East!   We look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the BEST solutions available today!


Get in touch!  Happy Friday!

Joshua Feldman

CEO, Director Digital