I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest craze regarding Pokemon Go.    This cross-platform application/game is actually pretty interested to play.   I tried it after hearing about all of the mishaps and, unfortunately, casualties as a result.

Check out this CNN Article regarding the existing vulnerabilities and you will see that  this is one of the first cases of unscrupulous VR manipulation.

That’s not the only problem, however.   People are literally walking into traffic, off cliffs, you name it!   People have been walking into traffic to reach certain VR-based goals in the game itself and the tolls of injury and worse are climbing.

At Director Digital, we firmly believe that agreeing to ‘Terms of Service’ is not sufficient when it comes to release of liability.    As creators of products for the mass-market, we all have the unspoken responsibility to ensure that ‘error handling’ or ‘prevention of case scenarios’ in which people could get hurt are approached at the same great lengths that were taken to render the product itself.

User experience means not only providing your users with engaging interactivity, but ALSO ensuring the user experience is safe, in whatever context a product exists, is just as important.  

To all engineers, producers to C-level decision-makers: Be smart.    Care about your users and understand that there is responsibility that comes with innovation!

Have fun out there & Happy Monday!

Josh Feldman

CEO, Director Digital