Hosting & Scalability In 2017 – All Options Lead To The Same Bottom-Line.

Scalability In 2017 – All Options Lead To The Same Bottom-Line.

How will hosting impact my bottom-line?

In this era of ‘Options, Options and more Options’ when it comes to the overarching topic of hosting and beyond, we, across any industry will at some point need to make some very specific decisions that can really adversely or positively affect your bottom-line.

Microsoft’s AZURE has “come-out-swinging” like any other load-balanced, cloud-computing farm.

Quick bottom-line;

  • Amazon’s vast array of products at AWS (Amazon Web Services) still champion the space for any development operation.


There is one key ingredient in making AWS work for you, however.    To best use all of the resources to economic advantage without getting technical, you must have guided systems administration to end-up in a place where your business ‘actually IS’ profitably churning away, dishing-out load-balanced resources, on-demand, one-byte at a time.

Why Do I Need A SysAdmin?    You don’t.    We set up environments for companies large and small all of the time and usually end-up favoring AWS because of one reason.

If you set it up correctly to match your business model and capitalize on all of the intra-DNS traffic savings and beyond, you’ll have a predictable CPM-to-Cost ratio so that you can plan for large amounts of resource usage in a financially-sound manner;
one that is planned.


We’d love to help you get your next project LIVE.   Get in touch and we’re always happy to elaborate on our obvious partiality toward Amazon Web Services. 🙂



– Director Digital Josh



SEO = Quality Web Engagement

Simply Put, the world has changed at incredible speeds, especially in the niche Internet Marketing Sub-Sector of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).   Engagement matters way-more than anything else in the space.   Ranking without reaction means nothing, always!

I was completely inspired to write this article based-upon a recent fantastic interaction with our Client regarding SEO but also this article about just how important engagement is, or, rather, synonymous, with Search Engine Optimization.   Sure there are a lot of ways to climb the ranks, but in the end Engagement Is King.

Understanding why Engagement Is King is not that hard to do.   Implementing it is.

Depending on your platform(s), Content-Management-System (CMS) like WordPress or other systems included, content volume to traffic / quality traffic (engaged traffic) will always win.


FOCUS ON ENGAGEMENT!   Also have a Great Day 🙂



The Internet Of Things (IoT) – What It Means, Simply Put!

We have all heard about IoT (“The Internet Of Things”), especially as of late, hitting news feeds, reporting channels and certainly the technical / engineering-centric audience.

Basically, here’s the bottom-line of THE INTERNET OF THINGS!

  • It’s become highly-effective to control your electronic devices, yourself, using various programming languages and little hardware modules.
  • The IoT definition more explains how ‘intertwined’ and ‘connected’ the world of networking, electronics and beyond are merging and becoming accessible to the everyday person!
  • If you’d like, check the Wiki On The Internet Of Thing (IoT) here.


The IoT is certainly very cool.   We’ve personally made some cool gadgets here at the Director Digital offices; from wifi power-relays to having four Raspberry Pi environments talking to each other using radio-waves and using potentiometers to intentionally overheat bulbs (do not try this at home!).

By the way; we DO <3 the Raspberry Pi 😉

Here’s a VERY COOL example at a crude, but GREAT example of what the Internet Of Things means for the everyday guy!


DIY IoT Smart Doorbell Example

A Cool DIY Smart DoorBell From Our Maker Community At Hackster.IO