We have all heard about IoT (“The Internet Of Things”), especially as of late, hitting news feeds, reporting channels and certainly the technical / engineering-centric audience.

Basically, here’s the bottom-line of THE INTERNET OF THINGS!

  • It’s become highly-effective to control your electronic devices, yourself, using various programming languages and little hardware modules.
  • The IoT definition more explains how ‘intertwined’ and ‘connected’ the world of networking, electronics and beyond are merging and becoming accessible to the everyday person!
  • If you’d like, check the Wiki On The Internet Of Thing (IoT) here.


The IoT is certainly very cool.   We’ve personally made some cool gadgets here at the Director Digital offices; from wifi power-relays to having four Raspberry Pi environments talking to each other using radio-waves and using potentiometers to intentionally overheat bulbs (do not try this at home!).

By the way; we DO <3 the Raspberry Pi 😉

Here’s a VERY COOL example at a crude, but GREAT example of what the Internet Of Things means for the everyday guy!


DIY IoT Smart Doorbell Example

A Cool DIY Smart DoorBell From Our Maker Community At Hackster.IO